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Manufacturers' Certification Letters


CareFusion confirms that LTV® 800, LTV® 900, LTV® 950, LTV® 1000, LTV® 1100, LTV® 1150, LTV® 1200 and SprintPack Lithium-Ion Power System are all certified to fly. To obtain copies of the certification letters, call Tech Support at 800-754-1914, Option 2, and request a copy or see “LTV Series Ventilators and Air Travel.”

Covidien (Puritan Bennett) – The Puritan Bennett™ 520 and Puritan Bennett™ 560 ventilators meet the requirements. Email Jean Le Roux at to obtain the document if needed. However, these two ventilators are not currently registered in the United States.

Covidien (Newport) – HT70® Series of ventilators (all models, including HT70®, HT70S® and HT70® Plus) are certified. Click here for the HT70® Series and see “Explore Air Travel Documents” to download.

Breas reports that both the Vivo 50® and the Vivo 60® complies with RTCA/DO-160G, Section 21, Category M and is FAA compliant. Click on the devices to download the letters.

Impact Instrumentation’s home vent is the Uni-Vent® Eagle™, Model 754. It is tested to military specification for fixed and rotary airplanes, which is the highest standard.

Philips Respironics states that Trilogy100, Trilogy200BiPAP AVAPS, BiPAP S/T (c series), and the CoughAssist T70 are all cleared for flying and have the appropriate sticker attached. Click on each to download a copy of a certification letter. The PLV series of ventilators are all discontinued and will not be tested. All BiPAPs that are not “c series” will not be tested, either.

ResMed’s S8s, S9s, VPAPs all have been tested and letters can be downloaded here.
Other hints on flying appear on the same page.
Click here: The letter for the StellarThe letter for VS III™.

SIARE Engineering International group s.r.l. does not have an official certification for its line of home care ventilators (Falco 101, Falco 202).

Letters for Weinmann’s VENTIlogic LS, VENTIlogic plus, VENTIlogic, VENTImotion, VENTImotion 2, BiLevel ST 22 can be found at this link.

All of the above manufacturers assured IVUN that all new products released in the future will be tested and certified for flying.

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